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At our vape shop in Vancouver, we carry a wide range of vaping products from the lower price range all the way to the best of the best. Regardless of the type of vape you have, it’s normal to run into a burnt taste from time to time. It tastes like charred paper and will often scratch the back of your throat, and could potentially make you feel sick as soon as it reaches your lungs. 

Let’s take a look at why this might happen.

The most important thing to note is that it’s nothing to worry about. It’s an easy fix and is something that has happened to all users at one point or another. Why does this happen? It happens when the wick inside the atomizer coil has dried up and become burnt from repetitive heating. The wick is similar to the wick of a candle – it soaks in the e-juice and is what allows it to turn into vapour once the coil gets hot. When the wick is dry or not completely saturated with e-juice, it will taste burnt and heavy.

When should I replace my coil?

As with anything in life, all things fail eventually, including the coils in vapes. It all depends on usage, however. While users who heavily use their devices on a daily basis might change out their coils once weekly, others might feel the need to change them once a month. On average, a coil will last anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks. 

Once a coil has dried out and burnt, the only option to get rid of the foul taste is to simply change the coil. If you find yourself needing to change yours far too often and you don’t even use your device so heavily, perhaps you don’t know how to protect your coil and care for your device. 

What can dry out and burn my coils?

There are some things you might be doing that are most likely the cause for your coils drying out prematurely.

  • Chain Vaping: chain vaping is when you take puff after puff without taking breaks in between. This can kill a coil because it doesn’t give the wick enough time to soak up extra e-juice before the next puff.
  • Coil Priming
    Coil priming refers to the preparation of a new coil by soaking it well in e-juice before starting to vape. If you don’t do this, just the single press of a button and your wick can dry out and burn right away.

Other reasons could boil down to heavy use and vaping using high temperatures. All of these things combined are a recipe for that foul, burnt taste.

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Photo by Renz Macorol from Pexels

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