Signature Blend E-juice Flavor’s

Signature Blend e-juice is here to provide you its different fruity flavors which you will definitely going to like:

Sweet and tangy pomegranate complimented with a splash of vanilla.Layered with sweet red and wild blue berries.

2.Summer Moon
A perfect blend of blenheim slip pit apricots infused with fresh juicy peaches complimented with a vanilla bean undertone.

Mouth watering Alphonso mango nectar mixed with fresh pink lychee pulp

Fresh strawberries and vanilla extract blended together with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and milk

5.First Love
Wild pulp lychees blended to perfection with creamy vanilla bean drizzled with awesomeness

Refreshing crisp cucumber and cool mint with hints of honey dew

A classic NY style cheesecake topped with late summer bloom Ruby raspberries and fresh raspberry glaze

8.Lucid dreams
Dark red velvet and vanilla bean topped off with fresh ripe strawberries,dragon fruit and raspberries

Red and golden roza peaches with a vanilla rose base splashed with rich raspberry sauce

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