Exclusive E-Juice

Exclusive Ultra Premium E-Juice marks the true symbolization of extreme craftsmanship. Every flavour has been built with the best ingredients under strict quality control until perfection is acquired..It comes in four sweet flavours which are:

1.Milky Way
A smooth creamy twist with a light strawberry undertone that you can enjoy and vape all day.

2.Funky Berries
Lucious mixed berries blend with a sweet touch of cantaloupe.This balance flavour variety will moisten your taste buds to satisfy any vape enthusiast.

3.Vanilla Royale
The signature desert pallet of sweet vanilla custard and rich creamy caramel.leaves behind a sweet mouth watering after taste

4.Melon Gum
An old school taste of bubblelicious watermelon,dewberry and cantaloupe.

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