ESplash E-juice Flavor’s

Bringing you the different flavours in Esplash juice:

High impact burst of granny smith apple

Smooth and sweet mouth watering taste of banana

3.Blueberry Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy with a splash of blueberries

4.Caramel Popcorn
Smooth tasty classic carnival popcorn

5.Creamy Strawberry
Enjoy whipped cream and fresh strawberry

6.De Moores
A refined classic canadian tobacco blend

7.Fruits and cream
Creamy with a touch of fruity flavour

8.Fruits Passion
Taste the ripe fresh fruits of the tropics

Ripe sensation of vineyard grown grapes

10.Kiwi Strawberry
Mouth watering kiwi strawberry fruit shake

Cool refreshing burst of mint

12.Nutz 4 Chocolate
Rich chocolate hazelnut experience

Sweet peachy inhale with a creamy marshmallow exhale

14.Mango Smoothie
Refreshing mango in a satisfying milkshake

Bursting with the flavour of fresh raspberries

Sweet and tart burst of fresh strawberries

17.Red Energy
Taste the sweety rush of energy drink beverages

18.Rum Punch
Like a sip of a pineapple,berry cocktail

Blast of lemon and fruity exitement

20.Sweet Custard
Lightly sweet,classic dessert custard

21.Smooth Tobacco
A smooth,classic smoke like experience

A delightful pleasant sensation

23.Wild Cherry Dream
The rich sweet delight of cherries

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